Holistic Body Care

Infrared Sauna

30 Minutes $25

5 Sessions $100

Ionic Foot Bath

30 Min $40

5  Sessions $100



Biomat & Chi Machine

 Ease your pain, reduce stress and improve

long-term health.

30 min $25

5 sessions $100

Aroma Therapy

Customize your massage with

an essential oil of your choice.


Hot Towel Face Wrap

Your face wrapped in a steaming towel fragranced with the essential oil of your choice


Anbianga Scalp Treatment

A treatment tailored to relieve tension

in the scalp, forehead, ears and temples.


Hot Stone Face Therapy

Triggers specific points in the

face for deep relief.

Fifteen Minutes $15.00


Pampered Feet

pamper your feet with gentle

exfoliation and massage.

Fifteen Minutes $15.00

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